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more news on the step down of steve jobs and apple we're getting a reaction in san francisco on the stepped down >> there and thinking about steve jobs and to levels they hope that that he is ok and not something terminal and why did he stepped down an second the products it is very iconic and out over the place and has truly changed the world hears what some people had to say about steve jobs and how we move around in society >> in the last few years when the application in your hand-held phone everything moved and so much faster to have all that money and then that your health go it is kind of unfortunate our person would >> obviously a lot of sympathy going up to succeed at jobs that this morning apple products continue to thrive and that will never change >> banks for the update and is a letter that was released by late steven jobs. jobs had been on a medical leave since the beginning of january he was being treated for pancreatic cancer and then had a liver transplant it'll be a different company with steve our jobs on >> now that balance point has been removed a lot of
, everyone has a computer. i think that is largely due to steve jobs. >> paul relief will get more reaction from people coming down here. it is starting to settle in that he is nell ahead at apple. keep in mind, he was at one time the head of pics are. dropped sharply. down over $20 a share. we have watched this year's slowly bounceback since the announcement yesterday. >> more now on a developing story. the bart board members are saying that they agree that the agency said only cut off cell phone service during drastic circumstances. here is video of a protest to restrict cell phone service. in court. it has not announced whether or not very bonds will be retried. he was convicted of lying during his grand jury trial. >> a little ramy out there this morning. >> a little bit of drizzle. nothing too heavy. here is a live look from the roof camera in san francisco. you will need to use your windshield wipers here and there. this afternoon, sunny and warm. nobody debitors our region from 60s along the coast to the upper 80s. the fog is a bay area wide. the north bay, the entire stretch of 101,
news at 11:00. >>> he rld and the man who crea one of the world's most revered companies. steve jobs is stepping down from apple. he will be replaced. kron 4's reggie kumar is here to talk about the major change. >> reporter: steve jobs submitted his resignation today. he said he can no longer handle the job. >> reporter: stunk stunk will still play an important role. while stepping down steve jobs suggested tim cook should be the new ceo and the board agreed. cook joined the company in 1998 and named chief operating officer in 2007. he served as ceo in 2004 and 2009. in a letter addressed to apple jobs said, quote, i have always said if there ever came a day when i could no longer meet my duties and expectations as ceo, i would be the first to let you know. unfortunately, that day has come the resignation appears to be related to the health problems he has dealt with over the past several years. in 2004 he battled cancer and lost a lot of weight and looked frail every since then. in 2009 he said the weight loss was caused by a hormone imbalanced and announced a six month leave of ab
francisco, charles gifford, kron 4 news. >>pam: steve jobs stepping down. a look at how apple stock fell today. expert analysis on the future from rob black. barry bonds back in court. the former giants slugger despite a jury acquittal. what did the judges say in court today? and also a fight against foreclosure. >> i refused. >> she squatted in her own home and had victory against her bank. and how you can do the same thing, coming up. ok, kids, our cable will let us record one more show. who should get it? i really love jennifer. yeah, she's great. yeah. yeah. kyle's got that thick head of hair. and that should be rewarded. ok, moment of truth. on "three," say which kid you love the most. oh, fun, yeah. 1...2...3... jennifer. jennifer. whoa. wow. ha! she's so pretty. yeah. or, we give it to kyle. it's really all he's got. [ male announcer ] switch to at&t u-verse and record four shows all at the same time. just $29 a month for 6 months. at&t. and >> welcome back the dow jones closing just a little bit lower than the valuable price of apple stock at $373 rob black. and o
>> a giant in a tech world and created the most revered company steve jobs' is stepping down from apple they are looking at his decision to quit and his long career >> even though he has been sick for a long time this announcement caught a lot of people off guard when steve jobs always said if it ever came a time when i could not fulfil my obligation as see zero i would step down that time has come wh. we do not know how he health is but we know he is stepping down. he started abel with his friend charles was the act and became a global phenomenon it was not always smooth sailing he was forced out of apple one year after the macintosh was released the a original macintosh did not sell very well a decade later he returns and one of the greatest see zero tenures in all times he would introduce the iphone upper ipod and ipad. tim clock is going to replace jobs allot of people think apple be in very good hands . >> for 30 1:00 a.m. on arraignment today ought to man who accused of setting the prototypes after finding it in a redwood city barhop they were in are arrested for do. >> i hearing
. now on the phone to talk with us further about steve jobs announcement and the future of apple is scott, the editor and chief of see that. and for joining us and your reaction? >> it is not unexpected but it is still shocking. when it comes to silicon valley and the history of the pc revolution he is right there at the top. it is shocking and frankly sad. >> i do not know a company whose image is tied as much to a ceo as much as apples is. do you suspect that his health is deteriorating in light of this announcement? >> i cannot really speculate. he said before that he would step down when he could no longer perform the duties to whatever reason that is that is why. >> what does this mean for the company? >> he is obviously the visionary leader and shown that he can put together an incredible team. it takes a lot of people to execute perfectly like they have been doing for a lot of years. they created a smart phone industry, the tabloid industry is theirs for now probably for quite awhile more. i think it is in good shape as far as that goes. they have a strong team. but w
that microsoft and intel combined. >> the tech world is buzzing to mike, steve jobs is stepping down from apple the ceo of the company named the most valuable in the u.s. will be replaced. reggie kumar joins us to talk about major change happening. this is big news on many levels. >> steve jobs submitted his resignation effective immediately not chairman of can no longer handle the job. this is what he said in a letter addressed to apple. >> the resignation appears to be related to the health problems if apple co-founder has dealt with over the years. and into a tussle for a battle pancreatic cancer during that time lost a lot of weight in looked frail christensen. in 2009 home in--and his most recent work included the development of the phone, ipod and ipad. hope he will play an important role in the company. cost been done on wednesday he suggested that the ceos should cook. he served as the interim ceo when jobs went on medical leave and a cousin pour into the other nine. >> was the reaction for the market on all of this? >> when he first announced that he would be stepping down the appl
's not clear if he will fill steve jobs' shoes for product introductions on stage which is important to the apple brand. apple's chief marketing officer. cook is a hard nosed executive whose strength lies behind the scenes. >> after steve jobs nounced he was stepping down apple stocks started to fall and ended the day down. tonight shares still cost $374. >>> new tonight at 11:00 a muni line running gen tonight after it derailed. the "n" train hopped off the tracks about 7:15 tonight. passengers were shuttled around till it was fixed. >>> mat shot to death has been identified. police released these photographs yesterday. he is evan chapman. police discovered the body tuesday on 79th avenue. no arrests have yet been made in the case. >>> the court upholds the death penality for a man convict offend murdering two family members. this happened in berkeley in 1995. this is video of the bodies being taken from the home. he shot and killed his sister and nephew after arguments. lawyers previously argued he was insane that time of the shooting. >>> a teen curfew is a way two counsel member
. it has always come up what happened to tina and where is steve. >> once this trial takes place and i hope that it is very short and i hope that they have found the perpetrator and that we can actually put some closure to this especially for her family. >> two men suspected of beating the giants fan bryan stow pleaded not guilty to the charges, luis sanchez and marvin are charged with assault and battery the judge declared that cameras would not be allowed in the courtroom during the trial. they believe that the two of them randomly attacked several fans at the giants stadium. they say he is becoming responsive, he can slightly lift his arms and legs. he remains at san francisco general in serious condition. in san francisco there was a fund raiser for the nine year old philadelphia boy that was injured in a hit and run. this restaurant donated half of their food sales to rise and white. the money will go to help pay for his medical bills. ryan's cousin was with him when he was hit, he says the little boy is improving but it will be a long road to recovery. >> brian is doing a lot b
continues. hot och gift whopper >> >> the dow was up 108 points. steve massocca from wedbush equity management is here with more on the markets. good morning. good morning. >> has good morning. >> is there a concern about inflation? >> hi think that is a complete non issue. halhome we are starting to see happening is stocks have moved down for a period of time, that has created an imbalance. the value of bonds that people hold a substantially higher than their investments. people are selling bonds and buying stocks every balancing their >> dell is not on the cutting edge in terms of the technological transition that is taking place. that is why they have had to lower their guidance a bit. but john deere, talking about companies who are able to export products to developing markets and developing countries and continuing a fairly substantial growth, that is a pretty good place to be. hoi do not believe the storm has passed. we do not have a durable solution in europe. the european crisis will weigh on us again some point in the future. i am seeing band-aids being put on a solution th
. joining us is steve massocca and bus from wedbush equity. good morning. >> good morning. >> is that the biggest news? the doubt is not in triple digits right now. >> this is one of the calmest days we have had. the volume is very light. all of the major companies are making less than one person lives. the treasury securities are doing quite well. within 10 year is down to yielding 2.3%. those markets are doing well. we appear to be returning to some state of normalcy. >> yesterday we pulled back. is the gold rush over? >> they raised the margin requirements on gold. whether the gold rush is over or not, i do not know. europeans have passed a short selling band. that is really a band-aid. right now i think you have to be careful. >> 70 countries and parliaments have to approve anything before it gets done in parliament. it could be months. boni think that germany is a big issue. and that will be the biggest participants in europe. >> the best things for the market is it is friday, at least there are two days of cooling off period >> a few days of rest for people who have
. >> traded. >> after 30 years of dealing with wall street steve seen a lot and on this day where the tvs are blaring bad news, he explains why this is happening now. >> we had a lead up over the last few days caused by a series of weak economic reports about our u.s. economy. but what happens -- what happened today was the move to europe, as debt traded to a yield above 6%. now on top of greece, portugal ireland, that with the other data, all kind of came together as one event today. the market didn't like it. >> reporter: he says when something like this occurs it makes people very nervous but it doesn't have to be that way. >> people have to be down 500 day, wake up and say pay attention to your money. that's something you should do all of the time. you will feel more comfort when you read about it, you know you got a real good strategy in place. >> reporter: kron 4 news. >> despite the market plunge analysts are telling investors not to panic. kron 4's dan kerman continues our coverage with that part of the story. >> we are not in a dasterous situation. -- disastrous situation. >> rep
] as you know steve jobs has resigned from the head of apple where are going to drive the new crime on the s. just for starters see is still chairman of the board >> he stepped down as ceo >> so operationally why he will come in for the occasional meeting right? >> chemical can that has been the no. 2 guy with has stepped in to run the country every time steve has gotten sick and has been running the company on a day-to-day basis >> he is a logistics' guy is a need? >> certainly since generally since steve took his last medical leave is a rule by a investment community and of the world people have out high level sense of confidence but he will be able to do the job >> there has been a lot of business aspect concerning the work the idea that steve jobs that actually sat down he must be really really week, and it is a tragedy because he has a family what do we know? >> he is married and has children he is very private about his personal life he lives in palo alto you will see him in palo alto they will see him in the restaurants are walking around town >> for a guy that has that much
about his caddy who was on the bag for adam scott last week. his former caddy, steve williams had a couple of not so hot comments and woods had to respond today. >> reporter: he never talked to the media after an event and last week he said a lot of things. were you surprised by that? >> yeah. >> okay. there it is. cold stair. he stared enough now he has to winning. >> and the caddy is writing a book. that's part of
the place. steve striker shot 53. 14 shots back, 5 boagies, tiger shot 77 today and he says he lives for the pga and these holes, he is 14 back. >>> giants off, they'll be in florida tomorrow. a's won a game, afternoon affair in toronto. about to double here and oakland has a 2-0 lead. get away day in toronto. matsui, man, as soon as the a's were out of the race and it didn't matter, he was on fire. had 4 hits today. oakland leads 9-0 and then connor jackson went to cal, he hit a homerun. look at that, he doubled, excuse me and ran up each other's rear end. >> we had a young reporter out at the game tonight and you thought he was hilarious. >> i was telling you that the parking attendant was in the background. >> maybe that's what it was. a guy who's lived a little bit would go he's already. >> i was laughing also because of the guy in the background, the yellow jacket. >> it's good you got back for this. >> it is. >> anyway, going into the hall of fame tomorrow. i enjoy mullen, one of the best guys in bay area sports history, great basketball player. had a little adversity with alco
with the killing of a 14 year-old pleasanton girl nearly three decades ago will be in court today. steve carlson will be in juvenile court. he is 43, but because he was 16 at the time of the murder he will be in juvenile court. police connected his dna to the killing of tina fayles who he killed in 1984 and left her body in a drainage ditch. >> two men and a woman suspected of swindling the elderly in a suspected scam or rested and l.a.. all three were arrested hot on suspicion of of swindling the elderly. >> 7:26 a.m., we are back in a couple of minutes. let's take a peek at the mt. tam cam. the clouds are starting to break up. we have plenty of sunshine. we will be right back. how >> production runs hasn't dropped, and dennis leonard 84, was done over >> we saw a big jump yesterday over foreign-owned plants within the fed's decision to keep interest rates low. was that a good move?, fully half terry connelly. dean of the business school of golden gate university. >> we say hurray, that is terrific and we wake up this morning and say, that means i will be sick for another two years. you do have
what the weather has in store for us for the weekend. 1st the nearest steve jobs and has helped technology and ceo and founder has resigned and tim " is not going to take its place. >> when if you look at apple's revenue run mac is up 33% and chemicals, it took over the spread sheet said that all the necessary components to meet he negotiated deals that undercut the competition >> make sure they have high profit margin and their supply chain has been going very well apple has been forgotten parts for the iphone and ipad before anyone else >> coke joint companies in 1998 and when he wonders whether it out: looks like what about the legendary ceo >> for five years down the road question of his designs in stinks' and his attention to detail new products will start to compile that will be a real test of the organization. >> paul dapple is very excited to bring the iphone tube operations and 93 million customers >> has been more visible in the last few months when white in the past and had gone to philip short coat is not a product visionaries like steve jobs. in a statement to a com
at a live shot from our roof camera. steve sunshine and background some of that low cloud congress is pushing back into the city. here is a look at what we'd expect over the next few days. now let us look at but fog--look at the fog for tomorrow morning. once again up and down the coastline, we will find that fog. cooling down in the south bay, 78 san jose, 85 los gatos. much cooler for the inland valleys. '70s and '80s with the north bay, 64 stanford this will this is a look at the kron4 seven day around the bay forecast. we have some cool marine air in the inland valleys. we still stay below average at the head into next week, the sea breeze intensifies even more. >> here is stanley roberts and found some people behaving badly. >> i am on 25th avenue with is and until police as the ec ticket for one protected a traffic violation that is common on the street. i chose this look for a specific reason, they have signed everywhere telling drivers not to do it. tonight i would soon with the violation is and what happens this man. this man shoved me right in front of the police this i
been more visible recently although it is not clear if you'll be the one to fill steve jobs role of product introductions on stage. his real strength lies behind the scenes. after >> jobs announced to a stepping down, apple stocks started to fall. it was a gorgeous sunday for the bay area. >> previous, as marshals. it is coming out on the market soon. when i got my hands on the today safety. if in the future 3-d will be a standard feature. dlj throw is a look to the future. a giant 4.310 screens. 3-d is an extra feature that you could use or not. the thrill is for judo core process of making a fast and is serving the well was a breeze. when you want to do something with 3 become head this 3-d tab. that takes you to the many were you can see pictures and videos have taken. treasonous youtube 3-d channel. plg scroll the at&t refers. there's no official release date. wismar fall only costs one of dollars with a two-year contract.
to take on the afternoon. from the culinary institute of america, for "teen kids news," i'm steve. cheers. >>> whale watching can be exciting. it got a little too exciting for two people off the coast of south africa. they watched a whale leap out of the ocean and dive back in. the next time the whale came up out of the water he landed on their sailboat, but everyone wound up okay. including the whale. >> this report is brought to you by mti, music theater international. >> one weekend, over 2,000 teens and lots of big dreams. >> roll those together and you have the 2011 junior theater festival. ♪ we dance to the music of the gods ♪ >> this student theater festival is the largest program of its kind. >> the goal of music theater international is to ensure thers is a new audience, a growing audience, a building audience for live theater in america, which is an american art form. >> over the weekend, students attended workshops on performing and technical skills. >> so i was walking in the mall and then i see this platypus store. >> the theme of the festival was "i have a dream," in hon
and larger display. according to the new york times the biography of steve jobs is a big leap from its previous march 2012 release. 40 different interviews of steve jobs. although publishers are showing in early release date it was just released and finished earlier. the early release could be the appleseed zero declining health. apple-ceo thoma---this microchip is imitating the human brain to react, reason, and even learn from its experiences. >>jacqueline: coming up the kron 4 e-mail with sportster gary radnich. the preview coming up. >> practice tomorrow before a live audience the 49ers. candlestick park. alex smith, that is going to be the story. alex smith. newly acquired players and joe staley. it is difficult for these guys to come up with something one that is just a practice game. try it out. >> it is going to be a very interesting game. >> a lot of players are passionate about planning on home turf it would be great to get a home victory. >> you can tell joe that he sounds fired up! blog what is bad about the exhibition that will play one quarter and then pull them out. as we
coming from the east shore freeway westbound. >> the dow jones is up 199 points. >> steve massocca is joining us, managing director at wedbush. what do you make of these positive numbers? >> we were long overdue. we have some pretty tremendous selling pressure, over the last nine days in the s&p traded down 16.7%. the nasdaq traded 17.3% in the russell 2000 is a measurement of small stocks. that was down 22.8 percent over the last nine days. clearly we have had a lot of selling over a short time frame. this rally is long overdue. >> it seems like the fed minutes are coming out today. all eyes watching, what more can the fed do? will printing money really make a difference? >> you have a good point. people have some level of expectation that the fed will do something, i do not know that they are. i do not know that this has been that significant in the event. when you look at the market's they are down between 5% and 8% and led to a dozen a the 2009, even though we have periods of time when the market was down 40 or 30%, why did not know if the markets will respond to that. >> we ha
in a major event, he started pretty strong on the 15th hole, his ball goes for a swim. meanwhile, steve a stripper is rolling on the 10th hole but that is enough of steve, back to tiger on the second hole. that is about it really, on the second hole out of the fairway bunker, it ends up in a another bunker. tiger shootout of the bunker, oh my gosh! this goes on and on, into the water, three double bogeys, five bogeys puts him at a 77 and he is backed by 14 strokes. >> i got off to a great start today, and then i was having mechanical thoughts through the holes. i figured i was 3 under and i could start letting it go now and play by instinct and feeling. and then i just screwed up my whole round. i am not down, really angry right now. so there are a lot of words that i to use beyond that. >> 18 holes down and tiger woods trails steve stricker by 14 strokes. curators will be playing an exhibition game and randy moss is getting ripped. the vikings acquired him four games into the season released him four weeks later after the team went 1 and 3 with moss and uniform no love lost by former
is happening, steve massocca with wedbush securities is joining us. hello, steve. >> hello. if we spoke to about two hours ago. her the dow's offer over three of the points. any insight? >> previous sellouts were driven by poor economic data. now i think this is being driven by a couple of things. first of all, concerns about debt levels in >> i am watching insurance policies that investors can take out on government debt. i'm looking in places like hall italy, greece, spain and belgium. they are all showing big increases in the cost of that couple that with the japanese yen been weekend, this was dollar been weakened, all of that is giving uncertainty as to what is going on in the world. the market do not like uncertainty. that is why we are seeing significant declines. >> we had solid gains for retail sales and some positive factors with gm reporting a big quarterly profit. the market is largely ignoring the positive news. >> exactly. that indeed was positive news. people have been concerned about the economy. there has been a lot of negative information coming out earlier in the week
and a plymouth, numbers coming out. let's get some insight on what is happening. steve massocca from wedbush equity management. good morning. >> morning. >> the dow was down over five other points just moments ago. >> that is correct. what is really driving this is not the domestic economic news for what happened in europe overnight, a couple of things have happened. last night there was an odd event where a european bank, it is complicated, but they have to go to a dollar lending facility. a european bank was i was unable to borrow money from other banks in the normal overnight market. typically banks will lend money back and forth over night or for a couple of days to facilitate liquidity needs. much like to double a, one of the things in europe was unable. no one wanted to lend them money. as a result they have to go to a lending facility. that has gotten people very concerned that there is a big people are smelling is in trouble and do not want to lend money to. several european countries have said that if they want to be involved in the agreed to bail well, they want collateral from gre
are sinking heart is fast. it is ugly. >> steve massocca from wedbush securities is joining us. >> good morning. >> s&p. stocks are taking. look at the yield on the 2, 5 and 10 year notes. they are sinking and mark >> sell-off has been driven by activity in asia in the year -- asia and europe. at one point the dow futures were down close to 300 points. they're now down 178. if you look to the issues in front of the market, the things that are disturbing the market did not appear to be around today. court treasury yield are significantl arey lore. the italian and spanish debt, pa her it looks like a european central-bank which is the equivalent of the fence in europe's horse stepped up to defend both of those bonds. their yields are dowels--it seems to be panic for panics stake. upoake. >> steve, i know you did not give advice, but i wonder, " where a lot of people are in a panic. there were read for this morning. asked our people thinking, do i have to sell? why would they do that >> to the stock market is a market of many different stocks. the market in general appears to be slightly u
street, steve has been a lot, on this today with tvs are blaring all kinds of bad news he pointed to several factors to explain why this is all happening now. >> we had a lead up over the last few days the week that was caused by a series of weak economic reports about our domestic u.s. economy but what happened specifically today the focus move to europe, as though the italian and spanish and debt traded to a yield above 6%. on top of greece, portugal and ireland you have to worry about spain and italy, much larger companies and a much more difficult to deal with that coupled with the earlier economic data that all came together as one cat cosmic even today, the market did not like it and is sold off heavily. >> he says when something like this occurred it makes people very nervous but it does not have to be that way. >> to have this be a is down 500 day you have to say wake up and pay attention to your money, but that is something you should do all the time. you will certainly feel more comfortable if you see a day like today or read about it and you know if you have a really
girl three decades old goes to court today ebay steve carlson will be in juvenile court because he was 16 year old at the time of the murder they connected his dna to tina details she was stabbed to death in 1984 and her body was found in a dream- last october the fbi crime lab gave information to the pleasanton police the cave to his identification when. they are asking you to look for a 66 year-old woman suffering a common dementia dog she was wearing a yellow long sleeve shirt and green pants the last time she was seen she has medical eddy schmoozed and also has dementia >> on wall street today whatever the stock futures fall when i have the opening bell dollar was up for 29 bed yesterday him. this came after the day of the 640 ball who the good reason for this surge federal reserve's will keep the record interest late operate a zerot rate at zero. >> tel 532 a emma and left as we get closer to the weekend. we have gone toward other fall below about the 10 >> if you're going ibm lan me like walnut creek will be convert 90 degrees today amid this is a walk-through of what we're l
to one choice. roy mcelroy is the best at 10 to one. now scott asked about his caddy steve williams' comments after the tournament which he works woods over. >> i did nothing that was his intention at all. but he was really fired up a very competitive die, passionate and you know, and he got pounded on sunday. i think this week to just go out there and there are clubs do all the talking. now there were some difficult times earlier in his career, he chronicled the last meeting about alcohol he says how this stands supporting the bay area help him to get his career back on track. >> the fans here in the bay area, the way they were patient with me and gave me room to grow and i will never forget coming back out of rehab, and the reception that i received by the fan's i was trying to do the right thing. i did not quite know what i was doing at that point. i am going on a new journey to change my life around and the fan's played a big part >> now chad's loves attention from the cameo on the cable show of it basketball wives and now he is with the new england patriots and he says that
. >> steve johnson and show me where the dead body of a male shooting victim was found just after midnight a few feet away from his home on 79th avenue in oakland. this is video recorded at the scene. johnson says that he heard gunshots loud and clear. >> it was just like pow pow pow and that was it. >> much as three minutes after responding to this thing, local police got a call from an employee reporting a gunshot victim running into the store and a collapsing here on the floor in front of the counter. investigators said the 28 year-old man is expected to survive, oakley said prior to these two shootings there were two more shooting incidents, these polls that you see here on the taco trucks that is on the corner of foothill and 38 avenue mark the location where the police say that two male taco workers were shot during the course of a robbery around 11:30 p.m. monday night they say they're both victims are expected to survive. according to investigators the first shooting happened a couple of hours earlier also on foot hill near 49th avenue, the male victim suffered a non-life threate
street. the dow shot up over 180 points. steve massocca from with the securities is joining us. >> we had an early rally that was inexplicable. all eyes will be assumed to the speech on the twenty sixth from iraqiben bern. i do not think anything important before coming. sooner or later we will see volatility cream back into the market. >> we will be right back as the kron 4 morning news continues. the dow was up to 53 points. >> we have no information as libya troubles are celebrating. they are saying that they control most of the capital city of tripoli. the united nations secretary general just spoke out and said that the u.n. stands ready to extend all possible assistance to the libyan people once the fighting ends. take a listen. >> i call on gadhafi's of forces to cease violence immediately and make way for a smooth transition. the international community will protect civilians from harm. >> he also announced that later this week he is going to hold a major meeting with several organizations including the arab league, african union and european union to discuss what to do next. in t
we talked to steve massocca about the reasons for low numbers, the dow was down 123 points, here is what he said. >> we continue to get more economic indicators that show a significant slowing in the u.s. economy. we have been on manufacturing ism, to cut to the gobbledygook, that is a measurement of the service side of the economy. >> that was down almost 7 percent. >> live pictures of the kron 4 newsroom from the white house. we're talking about the ongoing debt talks as well as what is happening in the stock market and the faa impasse. >> working with government and the private sector. cyber threat to communication infrastructure oppose a challenge for the united states and our partners which is why the president has made cyber security all of government approach with the appropriate agency, we refer to you to the fbi. >> when did you become aware? >> i can only tell you that we are aware of that. i did not have a date for you. >> dazzling prices was a manufacturing crisis. a self- inflicted wound. it link between something that congress has to do which is extend the borrowing
again we had an amazing run, steve is a hell of a caddie he has helped my career and i think i have helped him as well. we have a great partnership for about 12 years may be a little more than that. but i felt that it was time to change things up a little bit. >> he is talking about his ex-caddie. >> he is not there to say i am happy to play and is he is there to do one thing and one thing only in that is to practice for the pga championship. >> her why you keep asking me questions? >> because i think you add to the show. it is called inclusion, kron is a family. do you think i would mention dah lynn every night it is because we are a family. pam, are you still awake? >> pam is embarrassed by the whole thing. we return, a major league pitcher that is extremely annoyed. you think jackie is annoyed, lookit this guy. jackie can i say it, but this guy could. thank you. i'm sensing a theme here. well, i am the queen, dear sister. get your annual ikea catalog today. >> we have a pitcher going off, jerry weaver has been suspended for six games. the tigers beat his angels 3 to 2, and
and now up 24. joining us with more, steve massocca from wedbush equity management. >> good morning. rumors on the trading floor that the s&p was going to downgrade the u.s. credit rating. >> it has been a wild day. although the s&p is threatening to downgrade the credit rating of the u.s., moody has >> we have learned this morning that the postal service lost 3.1 billion from april through june of this year. that brings about losses for the year to $6 billion. >> an update on the salmonella outbreak connected to ground turkey, centers for disease control say the bacteria traced to the ground turkey recall is more resistant to antibiotics. that is causing more people to be hospitalized. for one-quarter of the people sawmill poisoning had to be hospitalized. it has been traced to cargo needs. >> it live look outside at the san mateo bridge. visibility is good. we will be right back. >> 9:47 a.m.. we are looking for a sunshine. >> overcast conditions continue. fog and drizzle. partly cloudy through the afternoon. some resorted to the mid-70s. morgan hill was one of the warm response t
. this is your money, this is your livelihood. >> steve with a web of bush manageresses is not the time to panic but to act. >> investing depends upon your aid if you are younger and have the ability to earn more money over time you can take more risk. if you are a young person, if you are saving over 18 year time frame a 20 year time frame i will take advantage of this and certainly put some money to work. the stock market is on sale. if you are an older person, you have to be concerned. there are some significant short-term problems here. so, you need to have a good amount of liquidity. some of these problems to come to fruition, you certainly have your living expenses put away. >> he says bottom-line a matter your age, it is important that it planned in order to weather days like thursday's drop in the market. >> i think you need a good long-term game plan. either research by yourself, or research with someone that you trust who has the knowledge base to develop an appropriate strategy for you. car >> five small fires became a big problem for firefighters. how you are looking at flames fr
being a white anchor. catherine, thanks for representing us. [laughter] >> steve your buddy is added again. >> i will not argue with this. i had a falling out with him about a year-and-a- half ago. , want what i said i cannot believe they did not know mcgwire was on steroids, but with all this city you hit someone in the head once and all this get even stuff, he is 66 years of age. he has lasted this long, a third winning is the manager of all time by just being a nice guy. mayor now he is looking over his shoulder, he is a good guide if you are an animal, you love him. but, and this stuff, the one thing that drives me nuts. he says he hit one of our guys, you go out and hit him. if you hit one of them it will not be funny. >> of here is another. >> and thank you. and on my birthday. >> ok will e-mail my wife makes time is see if you can get on. see you later. a broadband solution to handle data and a mobility app to stay connected with their business. so they can run the office... even when they're not in the office. call at&t and see what we can do for you. with unlimited voice
is steve. he lives a couple of doors down. can you tell us what you heard? >> i heard four-five gunshots. i did not bother getting up. my sister called me to tell me that there is a dead body. >> that is pretty shocking. this is a nice neighborhood for a fatal shooting to happen. >> around midnight, apparently a couple people were out here, neighbors told me they heard multiple voices. we do not have a description of the victim or any suspect description. we are still hurting your back from the oakland police department to see if all three shootings are somehow related. this shooting was sandwiched between those two shootings. while investigators were here doing work there were called into a third shooting. >> in another developing story, barge service was disrupted again for passengers last night because of protests that you see. police were out there trying to clear the streets and keep the peace. they made a lot of arrests. the demonstration was on the platform at the civic center station. that is where a 45 year-old transient was killed by a border police officer in july. protesters mov
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